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Bank Accounts!

We offer a range of accounts to suit your banking needs and assist you in every step of achieving your financial objectives, whether you need a daily transaction account, a term deposit account, or a partnership account.

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What We Offer

We improve your online presence.

Those who have few options for identification can participate in the financial system thanks to the EazySave Premium Account. Discover a banking partnership with us that is beneficial.

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Our Ratings

By offering ratings with comprehensive information, we assist investors in analyzing the credit risk associated with fixed-income securities.

Good Governance

Our focus is still on encouraging good governance. According to Luminious Bank, it fosters public confidence.

Strategic Banking

Our goal is still to establish Luminious Bank as a reputable financial institution known for its innovation.

Proffesional Support

The most professionals may be found in our assistance department, which makes banking seem simple. They are accessible around-the-clock.

Partnership Accounts

Many things could quickly become quite problematic if you start a business with your old college friend or your second cousin. One of them shouldn't be your bank account.

Sole Proprietorship

When you have the correct account, conducting business is simple. So open an account that offers guidance on how to achieve your objectives.